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Product Description

Magic. Cleverly disguised as Arida.

Arida transforms fatty foods into powders. Chocolates, oils, and spreads are only the beginning. But it’s not a one-way transformation. The deceiving, powdered dryness yields to the taste and texture of the original—the stickiness, the slickness—with each bite. And it doesn’t end until the last surprising mouthful.

A flawless transformation both ways.

Anything with fat content can be turned into a powder just by stirring some Arida in. Combine with your desired ingredient in a food processor, or a big bowl, and you’ll end up with a powder that transforms back into the original on the tongue. 

Grown, not made.

Tapioca maltodextrin is made from tapioca, a starch much like corn starch. But, instead of corn, tapioca comes from a potato-like vegetable called a ‘cassava’, native to Brazil. While some of our ingredients have scary-sounding names, they’re often not any more refined than flour.

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